Monday, 10 June 2013

12 Doctors Challenge: Doctor #2

Ok, so a friend suggested I designed and drew 12 different Doctors, as I would see him and based on potential actors/actresses. Let’s count my Tom Waits Doctor as the first installment, so this one counts as number two. Doctor number 1 would most likely get mortally wounded while trying to prevent a giant space-train (pulled by space-worms) from derailing into a black hole, or something. Either way, he'd need to change his face again.
The actor I’ve chosen is Ben Willbond of Horrible Histories fame. I see his Doctor being very suave, if a little foppish (hence the dandy attire) and a bit of a womaniser - in direct contrast to his previous sleazy and unkempt incarnation. His sonic screw-driver is housed in the walking cane. His companion would be a rude and rebellious alien teenage thug on parole, called Dral. Throughout their adventures, the Doctor would try and help Dral become more of a gentleman hero, with very little success. 


Bobby said...

Oh that is totally fantastic. This is exactly the kind of creativity that made me suggest the idea to you. Foppish, womaniser Doctor would be great TV and the My Fair Lady vibe could be hilarious. I get the feeling each one of these will make me sad its not going to actually be the new show

Thomas Fummo said...

There would be the obligatory episode when they need cover identities and the Doctor would call himself 'Pygmalion' and Dral 'Audrey'.

Bobby said...

Only natural