Thursday, 9 May 2013

Public Domain Superhero Redesign: Zina of Koroka!

I'd like to start off with a welcome to everyone who's reading this after being redirected here from Project Rooftop's post featuring my Doctor Strange redesign.
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Ok, so moving on...

I was trawling through PDSH looking for inspiration, when I happened upon Zina of Koroka
Here's what her brief bio says:

"Zina was a native of the planet Koroka and a space scout for the United Planets of the Universe. She was assigned to investigate covert operations of the reptilians from the planet Kakukik, who had set up a base in the Andes on Earth. Zina was discovered and captured by Reptilians, but with the help of the Earth man, Buster Crabbe, she was able to escape and alert the UPU of the reptilians nefarious plan to conquer the Earth.Zina was a skilled pilot and capable of speaking fluent English, and possibly all other languages of the planet Earth. She was also handy with a disintegrator ray."

Now see, I thought that sounded pretty interesting. An alien secret agent super-heroine with special ops training and a disintegration ray? Sounds pretty cool, right?
However, if you clicked on the link to her page, you'll have seen that her outfit certainly didn't live up to her awesome description. The amazing Zina of Koroka, wearing what amounts to a bathing suit and a fishbowl in space. 
Pretty lame. But then again, this was the 50s and a time where if a female character appeared in a comic, chances were she'd be showing skin, and practicality and taste went out the window along with physics and scientific credibility. 
So anyway, I decided to try my hand at giving Zina a better, more appropriate outfit. Here it is:

So she's a professional space scout for an interplanetary military/government/exploration agency/consortium? Then she needs a proper armoured space-suit. That was basically it with regards to this redesign. I liked her hair-do and facial features, so I left them the same, but completely overhauled her suit. I wanted it to look sturdy yet comfortable, something that can protect her from explosions and laser-fire, but also something she can jump around and kick ass in. I added a U.P.U. logo just to stress her allegiance. Just to compare:

Not to toot my own horn, but I'd say that's a definite improvement, no?
Let me know what you think :)
Thanks for reading!


Bobby said...

Very glad to see more of these public domain redesign and this is a really cool rendition. I like the idea of taking the concept as the sources and throwing design nods in where relevant and completely rehauling were necessary. I may have to do one or two more. Just to check is she part of the same hypothetical team that your other heroes appeared to be on?

Thomas Fummo said...

Thanks, Rob :) I hadn't thought of her as part of a team: I only changed her look, I wasn't picturing a character origin/plot change as well, like I did with my previous PD redesigns. I definitely recommend having a go at redesigning some of the capes from the 40s and 50s, in some cases they're really quirky and challenging: it can be a lot of fun!