Friday, 17 May 2013

Public Domain Redesigns: Superheroines Special!

I revisited PDSH, looking for more female characters which had gotten the short straw costume-wise and which deserved a good redesign. Here are the three lovely ladies I picked (more details after the jump).

Golden Age Origin: 
Professor Amazo gives Mary Lee, a schoolteacher, powers through an experiment. Afterword, she decides to battle the criminal underworld as Lady Fairplay, "Godess of Chastisement." Lady Fairplay possesses "unlimited energetic powers" which include strength, speed, and recovery.

Mary Lee enjoyed a short period of activity in the comics, before vanishing for a few decades, and then resurfacing in the boobs-and-ass monstrosity that was 'FemForce'. I liked the idea of a school teacher fighting crime in her spare time so much that I had to give her a make-over. I tried to give her a more athletically-minded outfit, as well as a decent mask and logo. As I see her she's a mix between Wonder Woman and Super Girl. 

Golden Age Origin: 
Pat Parker was a young British nurse from Doville, a quiet village near London. When her town came under Nazi bombardment, she was able to use her skills to help the wounded children. Shortly afterwords, she overhears Nazi agents plotting an attack againist the British navy. Angered by what happened to her village and eager to prevent any further devastation, she decided to take matters into her own hands. After helping the Royal Air Force beat back the Nazi assault, she joined her country's military as a nurse. Later, she adopted the identity of War Nurse to fight Nazis more directly. She went on to form the Girl Commandos and dropped her costume identity shortly afterward. She had no powers. Her love interest was British pilot Don Fraser.

I've always been a fan of army medic superhero characters, as they've always sounded less like a power-trip or violence fantasy and more like genuine human beings who want to help out their fellow human beings. If you just update the conflict to any modern day war, Pat Parker is a character who could still work today. Really the thing I had to change the most was her costume (which is, even by 40s standards, ridiculous.) Thus the more modern, padded army medic get-up, with a mask and a dash of more futuristic tech to promote her from heroine to 'super' heroine. 

Golden Age Origin: 
Ginny Spears was a district attorney's secretary who became fed up with crime. She decides to become the costumed crime fighter known as the Veiled Avenger. Armed only with her bullwhip, the Veiled Avenger had no superpowers. She was not above using deadly force against her enemies, going as far as using her whip to make her foes shoot each other and themselves.

With this redesign I wanted to emphasize both the vigilante and self-righteous sides of her personality, hence the desperado-cum-spanish inquisitor look. She strikes me as a darker, Huntress kind of character, determined and not above killing. I also wanted the outfit to look as non-gender-specific as possible, complementing the veil element in giving her more anonymity and mysteriousness. Oh, and I gave her a laser bullwhip, because it sounded cool in my head.

And that's all, folks! Let me know what you think in the comments, and thanks for reading.


CyberKitten said...

Like the scales of justice. Nice touch.

Thomas Fummo said...

Thanks CK :) Any thoughts on the other designs?

CyberKitten said...

I like a lot of what you've been producing so far. Your off-the-wall wacky stuff really appeals - but then I'm off-the-wall and wacky so it would!