Tuesday, 30 April 2013

X-Men First Class Redesign

Yoople doople, netsurfers.
Here's another redesign that I've been working on for a while now. I've always fancied simplifying the original five X-men's outfits, keeping the team uniform dynamic, whilst simultaneously evoking each character's individual personality and power. I did this by working off the traditional circle-and-X symbol and extrapolating various patterns and motifs for each suit.
Project: Rooftop have recently announced Beast as the subject of their next Fan-art Friday, so I started off with Hank, before getting carried away. Here are the results of my toil.

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Being a redesign of the First X-men Class, I went with pre-furry Hank. His symbol, extrapolated from the X, is supposed to evoke a fang-filled mouth, referencing his moniker rather than his temperament. 


Cyclop's X symbol is actuall two Xs plastered together to look more like a giant eye. I was going to use it on his visor, but then it left the rest of his suit too solid and featureless and made it too top-heavy as a whole. 


Angel's power-set/mutation is a little different here: instead of having wings growing out of his back as separate limbs (which would require huge pectoral muscles just to move, let alone fly), I made his wings grow from his arms, kind of like a feathery bat. Like Spidey villain the Vulture, he uses his wings primarily to glide rather than fly. Still, I wanted to imply that he is capable of flight, so I enlarged his chest and elongated his arms to emphasise how much strength he needs to take off. 

Marvel Girl

Jean's x-symbol is made to look like concentric waves, referencing either her telepathy (mind-waves) or telekinesis (force-field). I gave her a full face mask just because the long red hair would act as a pretty clear clue to her identity, and I just thought it made her look cool :)


Not much of a change here at all really: I went for my favourite, original Jack Kirby 'snowman' design, and added the X-pattern to the boots, as well some gloves. 

That's all, folks! As always, comments appreciated in the box below.
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CyberKitten said...

I've just posted the first in a series of super-hero related art at my place if you want to check it out. The rest will be posted on Mondays and Fridays as usual until the end of May.

TK said...

These. Are. Brilliant! I really love the idea of tweaking each character's "X" to evoke their power set. Stacking a couple x's to make an eye for Cyclops is probably the smartest thing anyone has ever done with his costume, ever.

Thomas Fummo said...

Thanks, TK :) That means a lot.

Gears107 said...

I do like the costumes

For Jean Grey, I like that you gave her that mask to further leave little clue as to who is under mask, as well as the whole outfit being stylish. However, for some reason it feels as though her mask could've used some black to balance her costume (maybe the black part of her mask could be with her 90's look??). I think this is from the fact the to the team members have black on their masks. With the exception Iceman, and speaking of him...

The dude looks he's naked!
But yeah, his appearance here gives off that impression. Maybe its either because he is only wearing gloves and shoes with the costume, or your signature spiral designs, but it looks rather off.

Cyclops looks rather old/wrinkly, but that one I can let slide.

But overall I really like the old school redesign of the team back in their hay-day. And I really like all of the superhero designs that I have seen of you thus far.