Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Fox's new Clothes (plus news)

Hello everyone! Long time no write.
I've been in the Uk without a reliable wifi connection for the last four days, hence my lack of activity.
Anyway, here's something!

I've always been a fan of Zorro, ever since I was a tiny, harmless infant. He sort of got replaced by Batman (who is in many ways a Zorro rip-off) as one of my favourite heroes as I got older, but recently has resurfaced to the top of my hero-worship psyche. Essentially, the way I see it, this is what Batman could be like if he wasn't hell-bent on revenge and being all emo, and focused more on the bigger picture, taking on the corrupt system rather than the odd costumed super-baddie. Zorro is a freedom-fighter, a hero and model to which the people he protects can realistically aspire to. You don't have to be rich to be Zorro: just work hard, abhor slavery/oppression and care about your fellow man/woman. In helping others worse off than you, you are in essence being like Zorro. Sure, he's theatrical and swash-buckling and he's always comically showing up the bumbling authorities who try again and again to catch him... but at his heart, he just cares for others (he's like the best aspects of Spider-man, V and Batman all rolled into one, and he predates all of them!) Although both Batman's and Zorro's alter egos are rich playboys, whereas Batman could legitimately use his vast wealth as Bruce Wayne to improve Gotham by funding youth outreach programmes and rehabilitation clinics, etc., De La Vega is hindered by the corruption that surrounds him, orchestrated by his fellow Dons. His only way to do good without bringing about worse harm, is by inspiring/defending the people of California as Zorro. He isn't acting out some blood-pact revenge drive caused by childhood trauma, he's just a closer philanthropist :)
So, without further ado, here's my modernised take on Zorro:

What would Zorro looked like if he existed today? I modelled his outfit on what a freedom fighter working in today's urban sprawl might wear: protective padding, cargo pants, heavy boots and a belt to store equipment. I replaced the wide brimmed hat with a baseball cap, and the sword with a telescopic staff. Instead of carving his 'Z' with a blade into tree-trunks, this modern Zorro tags walls with his symbol using a can of spray paint. I imagine this either as a reboot of the character or - better yet - a descendant of De La Vega, taking up the Fox's mantle.

In other news, I've started using my tumblr blog to share my blogger posts. This will hopefully get it (and my work) a little more attention. 
Thanks for reading!