Monday, 1 April 2013

Teen Titans Redesign 2.0

Hello everyone!
I thought I'd kick off the new month with another redesign: It's the Teen Titans again, but with my ideal line-up. Spoiler, Supergirl, Static, Aquagirl, and Impulse.
The idea for this line-up was simply to use some of my favourite Titans/teen heroes from over the years, in either comic book or animated form. (Static, Supergirl and Aquagirl from the original DCAU, Impulse from the sadly cancelled Young Justice and Spoiler from the comics.)

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This is my second Static redesign. Again, I tried to incorporate elements of his first costume and the more famous uniform from the comics and cartoon. I stylised the original lightning bolt from the first costume, but added the trainers, white mask and obvious dreadlocks from the latter outfit. 

This supergirl is first and foremost a continuation of my earlier Superman redesign (old typeface 'S' and swirl pattern). I also tried to make her look less like a pin-up and more like a fighter. Hence the slightly stockier build and simple short+shirt combo. The choice of colours is supposed to hint at Powergirl, and the S is moved to the sash to move attention away from the chest and also look vaguely like a professional wrestler belt.

I always liked the idea of a supervillain's daughter adopting a super alter ego to foil his plans. This is Stephanie Brown after Robin and after Batgirl: she's left the Batfamily and its issues and gone back to the mask that started it all. She didn't leave empty-handed, however: she's equipped with a telescopic bo-staff and a more comprehensive utility belt, with Green Goblin-style gas bombs and explosive pellets. The pointy gloves, shoes and shoulders are meant to evoke both the original Robin's outfit, as well as slightly imp-ish aesthetic which would work well when she's ruining her dad's or any other baddie's schemes.

This Aquagirl is a bit of a pastiche: visually, she's part Marina from the Batman Beyond tv series, part Aqualad from Young Justice and part Katara from Avatar: The last Airbender! For simplicity's sake, let's say she's Tula :) I tried to make her look as useful and powerful a character as possible. Her Atlantean biology lets her survive and swim under water at great depths, but she also has hydrokinetic abilities (hence the Katara-style waterbending pouches at her sides) and uses her store of water to make tools and weapons. Her costume is made to look like wrapped sea-weed. 

Every super-team needs a hyper-active speedster, and who better than Bart Allen?
His costume isn't altered that much: I just tried to make it look like something a professional runner from the distant future would wear. It's light, it's got patches of thinner mesh material for the joints to avoid chafing, a high-tech visor instead of goggles (maybe Bart wears Google glasses?!), special 'Minority Report' style gloves for holographic interfaces, and small pouches at the sides for vacuum-packed food pellets and other futury things.

And that's my redesign Teen Titans line-up! Hope you like and let me know what you think in the comments below!
Thanks for reading :)


Bobby said...

Gorgeous designs. Really interesting line-up too.
Love the simplicity of Static. It just really works.
Supergirl works really nicely with the Man of Steel design you did. I really like the build and buckle to evoke the wrestler look. I could see her ditching that cape in a particularly brutal battle as a wrestler entering a ring might.
Spoiler looks very impish. And I mean that in a dark, woodland, trickster, nocturnal godling sense. Very creepy and distant but with touches of mischievous charm.
Aquagirl is just beatiful. Very ethereal and the costume patterning and colours and amazing.
Impulse wins it for me. I just love the detailing and the pouches, seems, boots. Its little details that really scream the fact he runs fast and while sometimes to many lines etc confuse a design on a character like Impluse it just makes sense. It lines up nicely with the Flash you did a while back imo

Thomas Fummo said...

Thanks very much for all your comments, as always :)
I'm particularly proud of Static, Spoiler and Aquagirl... this is probably one of the redesigns I've put most thought into. Which probably means that the folks over at Project Rooftop will never feature it! :D
Ah well, I'm just glad the people who HAVE seen them, like them :)
Thanks again!

Thomas Fummo said...

Also, you know what I just realised? I should have drawn Aquagirl's water-bottle things like sea-shells! I'm definitely going to have to draw here again now :D

Bobby said...

Also I get the feeling these guys are the Teen Titans while your old Titans set could simply be the Titans. Like they were the first group who have now grown up and these guys have decided to fill that legacy spot. I think they and your recent Trinity designs all work well in a world together.

You still need to do Flash, GL, Orin and MM. Just saying

Mario Silva said...

Static is the one i like most very simple, more super and more street, and that's something. Love Spoiler addition instead of a robin. Minor detail is the interior of the elbow joint should be like the one on the legs.

Great stuff!

Thomas Fummo said...

Thanks Mario!
Yeah, I guess I've grown tired of Teen Titans teams always having a Robin in them, so I thought I'd use a less-featured member of the Bat-family.
I presume you mean Impulse's elbows :) Yeah, I had originally put some there, but A) it looked way too busy and B) I figured those sections of his body would chafe a little less, perhaps?
Either way, thanks very much for your comments!