Friday, 15 March 2013

Batman Redesign (Completed Trinity)

Ok, so after much tweaking, here is my Batman Redesign.
It's certainly less mocking than my last one, but I've still tried to incorporate all the less likable traits of the character as well as the pleasing stylistic ones. Cue high-tech mask, weapons and traditional scalloped cape, mixed with riot police-style body armour and a slightly shorter, stockier stature. Batman is a determined, resourceful, intelligent and physically imposing man... but he is still also an absurdly rich, self-righteous and kind of violent psychopath. 

And here is the completed Trinity: Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman. I like to think of Superman having to constantly be the optimistic mediator between the radically left-wing and progressive (by our standards) Wonder Woman and more right-wing and conservative Batman. 

That's all for today. Might try my hand at the other Leaguers again soon. 
Thanks for reading!


Bobby said...

Batman is the best of the bunch. I love the whole set as a piece together and it makes sense with your left-wing, right-wing, mediator concept. Personally I was dubious when you started with WW. While I really like the choices behind the design of Dianna I just don't like the amount of black and the angular feel. I think maybe that's because I loved the WW you did way back and I would liked to have seen a little more of that in this design. Really its just personal taste. For me I find redesigning Superman an almost impossible task (that said I'm one of the few who liked the new52 look). I see what you were going for but I just feel you could have pushed it even further. Its almost a little held back. You could have gone all out 'swell-guy' and superhero and thrown in some Cap Marvel elements. I guess I was hoping for a double breasted Supes when I realised you were redoing the JLA. Please don't read these as negative comments though. What I'm saying is although it was not what I expected they were not bad just new. Which is always the best direction to go I think. You're not one to rehash old ground. And when you see them together as a unit they just gel and make sense. This final image is a big pay off. Now can we pretty please see a Flash, GL, MM and Aquaman in this team. Pleeeeeease???

Thomas Fummo said...

See that's weird, because now I look back on the original WW redesign I did and it does nothing for me: she just looks kind of bland. I really wanted to connect her to Greek history/myth rather than borrow the same tropes from crap like 300 or something. I was going to add more pomp and jollity to Supes but he ended up being unrecognisable: plus I wanted him to look the most informal: keep it simple :) I'm proud of how Batman came out, but I still hate the guy. I've drawn him how I would dress him as villain which is, coincidently, how many people see him as a hero :D Either way, thanks for the comments and like I said, I might go full JL again. Who knows? :)