Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Most Hilariously Lame Supervillain Ever.

Hello all,
welcome to February!
Well, Project Rooftop obviously didn't care much for my Avengers redesign. What a shock.
At least they still let me comment on the pieces they DO feature. If you're one of the P:R readers who've just arrived her from the link in one of my comments... Hello there! Thanks for stopping by!

Either way, I decided to cheer myself up a bit by going through the Public Domain Superheroes Database, looking for some cool, weird character to redesign or update.
I was going through the site, clicking on random article after random article, when I suddenly happened upon this poor gentleman.
Here is his profile information, taken from the site's page:

"The Black Knight was a villain with a mountain top castle armed with archers, gangsters, rabbit-sized rats, and trap doors. The crime boss robbed banks to finance his plans of world domination. His plans are foiled by Steel Sterling and apparently dies after his booby-trapped castle explodes. However, he reappears later threatening war with the South American country Brazonia as Dr. Yar and then resurfaces under the guise of Radium King."

Aside from that last part about his potential multiple identity syndrome - and 'I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel name-wise' illness - that's a pretty poor resume. How much did he spend on that layer of ultimate doom? Gangsters? Archers? Trap doors? Giant rats?
Speaking of giant rats, the page also features our villain in presumably his final moment in the Not-so-very-Black Knight garb, saying what must be one of the worst final words ever.
Long story short, I just had to draw that beautifully moronic and hilarious moment.

The all-capitals lettering and total lack of any punctuation whatsoever makes it all the more funny. I can just imagine him either screaming that at the top of his lungs, or just muttering it in monotone, as if he expected such a thing to happen at any given moment. Either way it's fantastic.
I'm pretty sure this must have been the prototype for the infamous Defeat-by-squirrels that Dr. Doom suffered. I'd say Dr. Yar-radium Knight King's scene is better. His whole castle exploded... and he somehow survived! Maybe he wasn't so pathetic after all...

Yes he was.


Adam Barnett said...

Imagine what Victor Von Doom could have accomplished if he could say what was on his mind with the brevity of the Red/Yellow/Black Knight!

Thomas Fummo said...

"Doctor Doom feels pain! Doctor Doom Berates the Accursed Grim Reaper, and refuses to fall prey to his icy gri--AAAAARRRGGGGHHHHHHH"