Saturday, 9 February 2013

Strange days...

Hey ho everyone,
No, I'm not posting a review of the excellent sci-fi thriller 'Strange Days', directed by Kathryn Bigelow, starring Ralph Fiennes and Angela Bassett.

The fact is I've been a tad under the weather the last couple of days and thus been quite unproductive, creatively.
After somebody suggested the character might lend himself well to my drawing style, I decided to celebrate my feeling fractionally better by doing a redesign of Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme.

It's not really much of a change, really. Definitely no re-imagining this time. I literally just took some of the key costume elements and tried to make them look less ridiculous. I combined the poofy shirt and cape into one, long coat, turning that spiky collar thing into raised lapels. I wanted him to look half shaman, half victorian occultist: hence the forehead marking and victorian cravat, waistcoat and knee-high boots. 
Right, back to sneezing and feeling like crap.
Vishanti preserve me.

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