Sunday, 24 February 2013

Spider-girl Redesign

Ok, one more post for today. This started out as another Spider-man doodle and rapidly morphed into a Spider-girl costume redesign. I've never known much about the character, and admittedly the colour scheme may be a little too reminiscent of this guy, but I don't know... I think it looks quite good. The idea behind the design is that the mask represents the spider's abdomen with the head an chelicera just below. I used red and black just because I love how they look :)
What do you guys think?


Bobby said...

This is just very cool. Not sure I can see the actually 'Spider-Girl' character wearing this (mainly cos its rather cool and I always felt she was more of a 90's style chick-didn't read much so could be wrong).

Could definitely see this as a Tarantula redesign though like you said. Or even a new Spider-Woman should the new Madame Web fancy throwing on some tights one more (she always needed red in her costume to fit into the 'Spider' mythos)

Thomas Fummo said...

Yeah, it would probably work better for an older character like Spider-Woman or Madame Web (or even a female Tarantula). Still, it was a weird experiment :D
Thanks for the comment :)