Thursday, 28 February 2013

I'm A Princess and I Love Smelly Socks and Fighting Dragons

Hello all!

Let me start off with some good news: a contest entry of mine has officially been featured as a runner-up on Project Rooftop! (link)
Ok so I'm slightly discomforted that one of the designs I put the least effort/thought into - and really doesn't fit in with my original style - is the one that not only got featured, but is also described as my 'best work yet', but I guess everybody has different tastes and I'm just glad somebody over there likes my work :) Here's hoping they choose to submit some of my more recent - and more 'me' - work soon!

In other news, I've just finished an English lesson with a group of middle school kids (because yeah I'm a teacher now, go figure), and I thought I'd share some of the materials I made for the lesson.
The kids had to review their use of 'like/dislike' and 'Hate/love', so I came up with a role playing game, where each one would pick a character at random and then three like/dislike or love/hate sentences (e.g.  chocolate cake with a smiley face meaning like; smelly socks with a sad face meaning dislike, etc) to read out as their character: hence some very funny combinations including "Hello, I am a Monster and I hate frightening people, I like dancing and I really love kittens!"
The kids seemed to really enjoy it and I'm quite proud of how well it turned out. So, here are the character cards: A wizard, a witch, a princess, a monster, a knight and a fairy.

Thanks for reading!

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