Saturday, 19 January 2013


Hey, Project: Rooftop are doing another Fan-art Friday!
Considering my track record - my fan-art redesigns have successfully made it on to their site every time I've submitted for such an event - I decided to have another go.
This time, as you'll have seen in the link, the subject is Thor.

As usual, I've taken this as an opportunity to re-imagine the Odinson as much as redesign his costume. I always fancied the concept of Thor being less human-looking, and much more otherworldly. As someone who is mistaken for a god of thunder here on Earth, I thought it'd be cool if the Asgardians were all beings made up of pure energy. My Thor would essentially be a living lightning bolt, who assumes a humanoid form when visiting Earth. I didn't want to make his outfit overtly nordic, and tried to put in a lot of different cultures' design elements, suggesting that maybe even Zeus,  Raijin and other Thunder God figures in mythology were more or less inspired by him.
So there you have it. As usual, please feel free to post a comment in the box below (seriously do it, these masked men are getting awfully pushy!).
Thanks for reading,


Dawn Clarkson said...

I love the patterns on the metal and fabric... and he's so cool all in lightning blue! xx

Thomas Fummo said...

Thanks Dawn :) I'd really like to have another stab at Captain America in this style, see if I can work it into a WWII-meets-futuristic armour costume.

Art by Randy said...

I like your use of pattern! The whole idea of him being made up of pure energy is awesome as well. I would put him on a background with some value, though so that we can see his silhouette a little better.

Bobby said...

Dude this and your proposed Cap would be awesome together! How about a truly radiation mutated Hulk (tumorous and horrible but still super strong?) Oo, oo and an Iron Man that really acted like a big prosthesis keeping him alive. Like how you've taken the core of Thor (Thunder God) and ramped it up to 11. Please do it!?! P:R would surely post that line-up?

Thomas Fummo said...

@Randy: Thanks :) I'm hopefully going to have a full Avengers line-up eventually, and I'll most likely put them all together in a line-up group pic, with a good background to highlight their silhouettes :)

@Bobby: Hulk is definitely going to be a challenge, as well as Iron Man :D I had actually thought of tweaking Captain America a little, as he looked a little too 90s... but thinking back, if anything, somebody called Captain America needs to be dorky. And regarding P:R... I suppose. Pigs may fly after all :D