Thursday, 24 January 2013

Raaargh! Hulk is Hulk's own night-light!

Several years ago, I was working on my Liceo Matriculation Thesis (sounds a lot more pompous than it actually was). We could choose any theme we wanted and somehow work it into a cross-discipline discussion (science, history, literature, art, philosophy, etc.) My theme, as you can probably guess, was superheroes! For the science part, I purchased a cracking good book, The Science of Superheroes, by Lois H. Gresh and Robert Weinberg. It's a really interesting read for any comic book and science fan. Aside from the chapter on Spider-man another chapter that stuck in my mind was that on the Hulk.

The authors do away with the crazy origin-by-gamma rays and hypothesis a very different sort of Hulk. In the book, they imagine Bruce Banner creating a form of artificial super-steroid which he ill-advisedly uses on himself. The steroid pumps him up into a 940 pound, seven-foot tall behemoth, but also leads the irreversible loss of all his hair, violent mood swings and increasingly aggressive and dull-witted behaviour. During one of his steroid-trip rages, Bruce decides to tamper with his genes, mixing his own DNA with GFP (green fluorescent protein), which leads to him glowing bright green every time he gets angry. I liked their version so much, that I had to use for my Hulk redesign. All I added were some sensor/drips which inject the super-glowy-steroids in controlled doses so that Bruce could have greater control over his transformations, as well as some highly-durable armoured shorts. Because... well you get the idea.
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Bobby said...

If P:R dont post these then they are eejits. There is a real coherent line running through these in terms of theme and quality that make them relaly gel together as a team design. Boiling the characters down to a single attribute then enhancing that is great. Ant-Man is a perfect look, just really solid. Wasp goes in a direction I'd never thought possible. She's a really hard character to make look interesting while still keeping her core but linking her so closely to Hank was very smart. Hulk is just...well...well done, sir. Hard to reinvent the wheel but you seemed to managed it. I love that Cap though. Everything from the simplicity of the asymmetrical stripes, the mask and concept behind it, the subtle inclusion of the mail armour and even touches like the belt buckle that I only just spotted are excellent! Definitely can't wait to see Tony...and maybe a Jarvis? Since this looks like an original line-up (which is simple and the most iconic one imo)do you think we'll see the ones who bought them together: Rick Jones and Loki? See, I'm getting excited now

Thomas Fummo said...

Thanks Rob :) Your comments mean a lot.
What I'll almost certainly do is send them all off to P:R once the line-up is complete. Tony is proving quite tricky to redesign... but including Jarvis might just do the trick :) Thanks again.

Bobby said...

You're welcome. You have such an abundant imagination its never a bore to comment here

Melissa B said...

I like this version much better.
Funny trivia: When I went to this national laboratory in Illinois (Argonne), they took us to see one of their linear accelerators (ATLAS). One of its parts (the Gammasphere) was actually used as a model for one of the Hulk movies. The reason they did this was because they thought it 'produced' gamma rays when in reality, it only detects them (emitted by fused nuclei+heavy ions). Def. makes some physicists chuckle. It's not like movie makers pay much attention to their science anyway.