Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Ant-man and Wasp

Hey all,
Seeing as my Thor redesign seems to have gone down well (thanks for all the comments!) I decided to go all out and do a whole Avengers line-up. Once the group is completed (as Randy suggested) I'll put them all up against a background in a group pic to highlight their silhouettes. I've also got some hopefully interesting ideas rattling around for Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America... but first things first. Here are the next two Avengers in my redesigned line-up Ant-man and Wasp.

I really focused on the core of Thor's character as a Thunder God, and decided to turn him into living lightning. I had thought of doing the same with Hank and Janet, but it got a tad too Spider-man / Cronenberg's The Fly for my liking. So, remembering that these two are more than just their insect-themed names and costumes, I switched to what is perhaps their most important characteristic: their size-shanging powers.
The idea with these suits is that they're supposed to monitor and maintain the wearer's vitals during the molecular/cellular stress of shrinking/growing; hence the bulky, technological and padded look. The helmets would provide oxygen and pain-relief, as well as incorporating two-way communication and pheromone excretion for insect communication. The Pym formula capsules are stored in a rotating compartment on the belt, which I envisioned as working a lot like Spidey's web-shooters.
I also imagined Hank creating his suit first, without any particular animal theme in mind, and then modifying it to be more ant-like (adding antennae and mandible-like tubing on the helmet) to match Janet's more overtly waspish uniform. The spikes on her gauntlets and feet are retractable blades than can be charged electrically (her stingers) and her wings fold away into a compartment on her back.

And there you have it! Please let me know what you think in the comment box and stay tuned for more redesigned Avengers soon :) Thanks for reading!


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