Saturday, 17 November 2012

In a parallel world...

So here's something I've been musing about for some time. I had the idea to try my hand at some power swap superhero/villain redesigns, where I'd take two heroes or two villains or a hero and his arch-nemesis, and switch their powers/origins around. I'll probably do some more, but to start with, here's Norman Osborn/Goblin and Peter Parker/The Black Spider. 
Norman was an average, teenage nerd with no friends, until he got caught up in a strange lab accident during a school visit to Parkertech Industries, owned by wealthy and ruthless scientist and business man, Peter Parker. An explosion exposed Norman to some experimental performance enhancers, which made him stronger, faster and even smarter. Initially using his new power to gain respect at school, after his younger brother Harry is killed by some thugs who Norman had tricked out of some money, on Halloween night, he decides to use his abilities for good. Inspired by a monster mask he sees in a shop, he designs a costume, gadgets and even a collapsable glider, and becomes known as the masked vigilante, Goblin!
Meanwhile, Peter Parker becomes aware of the explosion and how it has lead to Norman's transformation. Eager to reproduce the effects on himself, he climbs into a chamber into which the performance enhancer is pumped, in gaseous form. Unbeknownst to Parker, a small spider climbs in with him and bites him during the exposure process. The spider-bite gives him spider-like abilities, such as wall-crawling, organic webs and a precognitive 'spider-sense'. The power goes straight to his head, and Parker soon starts tampering with his genes more and more, until he is more animal than man: the hideous Black Spider!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Another Redesign: Miss America

For this, as usual.
I can't say I'm a fan of either of the outfits miss Chavez has worn in the comics, so as well as fan art, this constitutes a bit of a redesign as well. The style of the drawing is more than a little inspired, to my shame, by this guy. I honestly didn't even realise until after I'd finished it.
Feedback welcome, both existent or non-existent, I'm not fussed.
Peas and gloves.