Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Project: Children's Book (UPDATE)

Hey all, been a while yet again.

News so far, children's book wise is that all those who have read the manuscript so far (including one of my favourite authors) have said they enjoyed it and that it shows potential.
This has spurred me on and I have been illustrating like the clappers (I wonder why clappers, whatever they are, are attributed such pulchritudinous industry).
I've also been reading a lot of fantasy and sci-fi (mainly Tolkein) to stimulate my world-building juices (drawing realistic maps and coming up with place names is HARD).
I have some plots ready for the following books (Yes, it is going to be a series) so overall I'm feeling pretty positive about it.

I've also started driving school (theory) and had my very first ever filling (which was not even my fault but the dentist's).
Here is a taster of the book's illustrations: the main character, warming herself by a roaring campfire.
Until next time,

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