Friday, 10 August 2012

Some ridiculous superheroes...


A young man is reading some questionable magazine in the street one day when he is suddenly run over by a mad scientist with very few scruples. The scientist heals him, but also splices him with a tiger, creating a hideous half-human, half-big cat hybrid. Driven by his new animalistic impulses, the tiger-man flees the secret lab, eventually arriving in the alleyways of a big city. He cavorts with several lady felines upon a rooftop, so loudly that the house's inhabitant knocks him off with a broom. Falling into a pile of garbage and breaking his legs, he is once again rescued by the mad scientist, who sees fit to replace his broken limbs (and everything in-between) with a set of robot spider-legs. Enraged, he escapes. On Hallowe'en night, feeling that the parade of costumes will allow him an excuse to venture out amongst humanity despite his horrific appearance, he rescues a small child from a beating. The frightened bullies push him into a pumpkin patch, leading to a plastic jack-o-lantern to permanently stick onto his head. Thus, Tigerpumpkin is born!


An aspiring olympic diver is abducted one night by a race of hyper-intelligent aliens who wish to learn the secret of breathing under-water. One of the aliens falls in love with her and decides to alter her genes slightly so that they may copulate: due to the alien's particular anatomy, this means giving the unfortunate girl a moth-like head. Disgusted and justifiably pissed-off with the alien creep, she steals to experimental propulsion devices, straps them to her wrists, and - after blowing up the alien base - escapes into space. Finding that her new head allows her to survive in the vacuum of space, she travels from world to world, fighting oppression and trying to find her way back to Earth. Behold... the Rocketmoth!

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