Saturday, 25 August 2012

Project: Children's Book

Hello there,

So posts have been fewer lately as I've been less concerned with drawing and more so with writing.
As this post's title suggests, I've been trying my hand at writing a children's book.

I completed the first draft yesterday and have been sending it to as many trusted friends as possible for proof-reading: so far I'm getting good feedback and tweaks to be made are minor.

The book(s) will be illustrated so expect to see some more pictures coming up here soon. I won't be putting any of the story here as my main hope is to get it published (and you never know who might be reading! Evil is eeeeverywheeere).

So, for now, here is a little picture of the book's main character. More to follow soon!

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Dawn Clarkson said...

I am reading... it is lovely, well done. Will be in touch soooon xxx