Tuesday, 3 July 2012

More redesigns, now with 20% more experimental style!

Here is my latest 'all colour lines' experiment in drawing style applied to some more superhero redesigns...

Some Captain America fan-art for Project: Rooftop, inspired by Young Avengers' Patriot and the Avengers movie uniform.

For Project:Rooftop's latest event/contest for Fantastic Four Redesigns.
The main idea behind their outfits was inspired by actual NASA space-suits, streamlined to make them look more futuristic and turning the valves on the chest into a symbol that replaces the traditional encircled '4'. I figured a side-effect of the cosmic rays (a bit like in the hit-and-miss Tim Story film) would be that their space suits would undergo the same mutation as the wearer, meaning that Sue's suit goes invisible, Johnny's catches fire, Reed's stretched and Ben's kind of fuses with his rocky hide. Either that or Reed modifies them and the four glowing valves on Ben's chest are added on once they officially become the Fantastic Four and a super-team.

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