Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Project Rooftop: JLA Redesigns

Ok, so my track record over at P:R hasn't exactly been that good...
But I though I'd give the old redesigning thing another go.
I thought I'd try my hand at redesigning the Justice League of America's original and main line-up: Martian Manhunter, The Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman.

Martian Manhunter: I've always loved the designs of J'onn where he really looks like an actual alien, so I knew I wanted to emulate that. Rather than an overtly superhero suit, I decided to give him a more futuristic, segmented and insectoid armour, whilst still keeping the blue and straps.

Wonder Woman: With Diana I really just wanted her to look as much like an Amazon warrior princess as possible. I got rid of the blue and red, replacing them with browns and golds. I tried to make her look as battle-ready as possible, designing a costume which is hopefully both practical and intimidating.

Green Lantern: I went with the John Stewart GL mainly because he's the one I like most and am most familiar with. By moving the lantern emblem to the shoulders and giving the costume a very angular pattern design I wanted to bring across both John's military background and the Green Lantern Corps' status as intergalactic military/police force.
Aquaman: With AM I wanted to keep the colours and try and make him look both regal and otherworldly. Hence the wrap/cape, trident and silver decorations on the belt and boots. I tried to model his facial features on a greek sculpture and give him a slightly greenish skin tone. Also, I figured if we can have a blonde Bond, we can have a dark green-haired Aquaman :)

The Flash: Didn't want to change things too much, considering how iconic his costume is. I did however mess around with the logo a bit, and added light mesh fabric sections in the joint sections of the costume, as I figured Flash would suffer from terrible overheating and chafing.


Bobby said...

I absolutely love these.

WW is perfect. Exactly how I like her. MM is very cool. I prefer him a tad more humanoid but thats personal preference and not something necessary to the character. John looks like John. It just makes sense.

The only one i find a bit off is Flash. I only say this as it looks more complex than the classic look and I always felt for Flash simplicity is the way to go. His arms and from the waist-down are exactly how he SHOULD have been redesign post 52 but the chest and head seem like they could have been just left alone more or less. I dunno it seems like two stylistic choices sown together.

Aquaman is great and has a very otherwordly, mystic quality to him. Personally I think of Orin as more of a bruiser. A Conan style warrior king but as for the regal, Neptunian angle this nails that head on.

Also check your pm's over at Superbuddies pretty please

Thomas Fummo said...

Thanks Bobby, that means a lot :)