Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Redesign for shoots and gaggles: Spider-man again again the sequel

Yes, so I redesigned Spider-man again, big whoop.
Dissertation has been less stressful lately and I had an hour to kill.

Again, I'm always going for realism here. So much so, that this isn't just spidey redesigned... he's also re-imagined.
Mainly, his power-set is different.
I remembered some research I did three years ago for my high school thesis on the science, philsophy and history of superheroes, and an article on what abilities a human would really have if merged with a spider. No sign of super-strength, speed or agility, but rather:

- organic webs
- surface adhesion (for short periods of time)
- hightened senses/awareness (not precognition)
- extreme durability (ability to withstand punishment and survive for prolonged periods without oxygen, water or food)
- superhuman jumps (several times their own height)

I figured even just a couple of these more plausible powers were enough for a descent spider-man.
So, gone are the web-shooter, and included are a lot more gadgets and gizmos to make up for what Pete would lack in brawn (I'm thinking gas pellets, tasers, that sort of thing).

The logo is purposefully segmented to emphasise the Spider/Man element of the character (a human figure with two extra pairs of legs). The black and white come from the common jumping spider's colours.

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Bobby said...

This may sound crazy but I love the way you shade black. You give a really peculiar (in a good way) textured look to it. Almost like a rubbing (like you did as a kid with crayon). Maybe its just the scanner but it makes the pic very detailed and interesting.