Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Redesign for Project Rooftop: Batman and Robin

The main thought behind both was to incorporate more of a pulpy feel to the design, including visual references to Zorro, Lone Ranger and Dracula. Despite these flairs I wanted the outfits to still look practical and comfortable and I also tried to make the logos a tad more detailed (as well as zoologically correct). Finally I removed the ears from Batman's cowl, which I know is a bold step, but I wanted to experiment with other ways in which Bruce could achieve the iconic bat-shadow he casts with the outline of the suit and cape, without adding ears to the actual mask. I think the high collar would work in a similar way, as well as making him look less like a devil and more gothic swashbuckler. I removed the green from Robin's costume, using the Tim Drake robin palet which I have always preferred when put alongside batman's black and grey.

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Bobby said...

Thomas Fummo, genius? Possibly