Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Redesign for shoots and gaggles: Spider-man again again the sequel

Yes, so I redesigned Spider-man again, big whoop.
Dissertation has been less stressful lately and I had an hour to kill.

Again, I'm always going for realism here. So much so, that this isn't just spidey redesigned... he's also re-imagined.
Mainly, his power-set is different.
I remembered some research I did three years ago for my high school thesis on the science, philsophy and history of superheroes, and an article on what abilities a human would really have if merged with a spider. No sign of super-strength, speed or agility, but rather:

- organic webs
- surface adhesion (for short periods of time)
- hightened senses/awareness (not precognition)
- extreme durability (ability to withstand punishment and survive for prolonged periods without oxygen, water or food)
- superhuman jumps (several times their own height)

I figured even just a couple of these more plausible powers were enough for a descent spider-man.
So, gone are the web-shooter, and included are a lot more gadgets and gizmos to make up for what Pete would lack in brawn (I'm thinking gas pellets, tasers, that sort of thing).

The logo is purposefully segmented to emphasise the Spider/Man element of the character (a human figure with two extra pairs of legs). The black and white come from the common jumping spider's colours.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Redesign for Project Rooftop: Batman and Robin

The main thought behind both was to incorporate more of a pulpy feel to the design, including visual references to Zorro, Lone Ranger and Dracula. Despite these flairs I wanted the outfits to still look practical and comfortable and I also tried to make the logos a tad more detailed (as well as zoologically correct). Finally I removed the ears from Batman's cowl, which I know is a bold step, but I wanted to experiment with other ways in which Bruce could achieve the iconic bat-shadow he casts with the outline of the suit and cape, without adding ears to the actual mask. I think the high collar would work in a similar way, as well as making him look less like a devil and more gothic swashbuckler. I removed the green from Robin's costume, using the Tim Drake robin palet which I have always preferred when put alongside batman's black and grey.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I might send this in to Portrait-Dex... although it seems defunct.

Doowah is a relatively shy pokémon, but only on special occasions. Can be known to spend very long periods hiding in holes and caves, followed by equally long spells climbing trees and jumping in puddles. As it evolves, it grows new heads, each with different elemental powers and personalities. Mainly eats fruit, nuts and cheese.