Saturday, 3 March 2012

Oh dear

Well, posts have been few and far between lately haven't they?

It's mainly because of university work and dissertation writing, I'm afraid.

Also, to my shame, I've been pimping myself out on facebook recently. Mainly doing pictures for friends at uni, who otherwise would have no idea where to find my stuff. So yeah, been hanging around evilbook for a while. I guess the bright side is that at least 100 or so people at uni now know I can draw pretty darn purdy.

Anyway, to those people who still read this blog and are dismayed by my lack of substantial updates, do not despair.

First, I am working on a comic again. After what seems like too long, I've ditched animation for a while and focused on comix again (Sensei Rowntree will be pleased). Expect stuff for that coming soon.

I'll also have regular-ish stuff for the Wessex scene and other projects coming along soon.

Blaaaah, etc.



Dawn Clarkson said...

I look forward to seeing some new work soon... I know you have been very busy. I have opened a page for Nice and Fancy on Facebook, because no one knows how to find my blog either!

TF said...

Ooh, where can I find it? Can you link to it on twitter, please?