Thursday, 26 January 2012

Starfire Redesign

Here's my Starfire redesign for Superhero of the month.

I did a little research on Starfire's background in the comics - having only really been familiar with her portrayal on the Teen Titans tv series - and found out some interesting stuff: namely, that Tamaranians are descended from felines! I factored that in her facial features and body build. Her choice of clothing is based on the fact that if Tamaran revolves around a star that is, say, around about where Arcturus is, then right now they'd be receiving tv broadcasts from Earth dating back to about the late 1960s. Hence, Kori might have caught a broadcast of Woodstock and been inclined to think humanity still wears hippie attire. Plus I just thought her personality would fit well with that 'free love' and 'make love not war' pacifist mentality (judging by her character on the tv show anyway). Bit of a mix, then, but I hope it works!


Omar I Landeros said...

Man. You're way ahead of the pack. She looks great. I haven't even started mine yet...

TF said...

Thanks :) Your Kirby 'brain-staff' Grodd was brilliant!
Can't wait to see your starfire :)