Friday, 4 November 2011

A webcomic: Drifting

Here are six episodes of a webcomic I started for a Winchester Arts University webzine. Unfortunately it didn't fit in well with the tone of the magazine, but they've promised to do a feature on me and my work anyway :)
Here is 'Drifting' (Thanks to Ceelz for inspiring the title). Click to embiggen and enjoy!

P.S. since the 23rd of october, I'm now two decades and one year old. Big woop.


Dawn Clarkson said...

I had wondered what you had been up to recently... niiiice.

WR said...

What's the tone of the webzine, then? "DURRRRRRRRRR," presumably, if they didn't want your stuff. Your stuff is Good, is what i'm implying there. This satellites thing is obviously a really great concept, and i would work with it further if i were you. Maybe a short film or something, where the ending is the two of them arriving at the whole big group of satellites. Uplifting! Sorry, i'm getting all carried away here. It's great material, anyway.