Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The month of many essays

Hello readers/perusers/usual suspects/jive turkeys,

As you see, content has been thinning on this old blog. The main reason? Essays.
Thousands (4) of them! All of them impossibly long (an average of 1800 words each actually) and difficult (not really)!

I have been working on things, but they are all special Saturnalia surprises, so until the wintertime I am unable to post them here.
This means no content.

The constant stress of coursework has also lead me to grow farther and farther detached from continuing Ackshun Meluhdramuh. I have a storyboard and even started doing the drawings... but somehow I lost interest along the way. The 'to be continued' will probably have to be explained away as a humorous lie. This is only one of the several things that make me disappointed in myself lately, as well as the heightened productivity and brilliance of some other artists I admire. How do you marvelous bastards do it? Tell me your secrets!

Anywho, that's the sorry state of affairs at the moment.
What am I thinking of doing?
Shorter animations, for one thing. My attention span when animating is far too erratic for me to work on something too OH HEY LOOK A PLASTIC BAG AHAHA.

Here's something I drew for some godawful time consuming nation simulation RPG full of brony-states. I literally cannot stand that show anymore, bronies. Thanks to you and your weird horse fetishes and religious 'ponyist' fundamentalism.
Thank goodness I still have robots.

I'll have something good soon.
I hope I have something good soon.


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Dawn Clarkson said...

I'm SURE you will have some good soon... looking forward to it xx