Sunday, 16 October 2011

I too have been a most industrious hymenoptera...

I've been recently tasked with providing a satirical cartoon of various news bytes for my university's student run paper, the Wessex Scene. Here are two cartoons I have made for them and the stories that they include:

- Long-time Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi has been deposed of his rule by internationally backed rebel forces. The future of the beleagured country looks as rocky as it does hopeful.

- Riots in London and other urban areas of Britain caused millions of pounds of damage, national indignation and international embarassment.

- This summer saw months of chaos in Southampton over strikes. Bin men fighting against cuts eventually faced a council deadline whereby they had to accept new terms or face redundancy.

- UoS Engineers set a precedent with their first entirely 'printed' aircraft; its unique and rapid manufacturing could revolutionise aircraft design.

- A £250,000 refurbishment at SUSU over a 5 week period has meant exciting new additions to level 4, including a video wall, meeting pods and a brand new reception.

Freshers' week saw record numbers attending the Freshers' Fayre and Bunfight, while Beardyman and Danny from Mcfly headlined the Freshers' Ball.

Archaeologists from the University of Southampton helped uncover the remains of a suspected ancient Roman shipyard in Italy.

Southampton police warned students to be vigilant due burgularies and assault in the Portswood area over the past month.

An NUS report claimed that the student loan is insufficient and that the government should do more to cover expensive living costs.


CyberKitten said...

Nice toons....

welcome back to England. I hope you've got plenty of warm weather gear. I hear we're in for another hard winter.... [grin]

Melissa said...

If only my university's newspaper had crazy-satirical-and-magnificently-well-done cartoons like this.

TF said...

@CK: tell me about it :D our house's boiler stopped working the other day! Seems to be working now though. And don't worry, I have a lot of hats and gloves :)

@Melissa: If only my university had crazy-political-and-magnificicently-interesting-and-quirky-students like you.