Thursday, 15 September 2011

Spidey P:R redesign alternate pose

And so, as Project: Rooftop FINALLY release their honorable mentions (and soon results) for the Web-Head 2.0 spidey redesign competition, I am slightly down-hearted. The level of quality amongst the honorable mentions (most of them are designs I felt sure would make it to the final three!) makes me feel as if my hopes of even being mentioned on the site are dwindling into single digits. OOOh the self-pity (boo-hoo, woe is me, etc.)

So I'll put up my non-digitally drawn, crudely-coloured spider-man redesign; this time in a better pose that I was too late to submit to the site.


Mario said...

I do enjoy your costume alot , i find it hilarious but extremely though of. I think you could loose the 3 stiches going up the mask (the bottom one kinda makes for an abdomen of the rope spider and makes the spider look like it has 6 legs)great job, i would put you in the contest in a heartbeat

TF said...

I feel exactly the same about the hood stitches :)
Thanks very much for the critiques!

Jeremy said...

Dig this design. Came across it again looking at the comments at PR today. I was bored, so I did quick doodle of it. Thought I'd give you a heads up in case you wanted to check it out.

TF said...

Wow, Jeremy thanks!
That's a cool sketch, is he wearing a backpack in your version? I had thought of adding one, but I knew how anti-backpack the PR judges are :)

Jeremy said...

Glad you liked it. The backpack straps are actually just a little extra detailing I doodled onto his jacket to help hide the drawstrings. Same deal with the "v-shape" area on his torso.

Good stuff, hope Project Rooftop announces a new contest soon.