Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Yet more redesigns: an octopus, a bat and a clown...

Here's another spidey villain redesign, Otto Octavius. Got rid of the mechanical arms and replaced them with jacks and usb cables, turning Otto into The Octopus, notorious genius hacker, capable of sending entire cities into disarray at the click of a button. Decided to go mainly on Otto's 'master planner' persona for this redesign: I see Otto also working from afar to destablize politics, organize crime hits, robberies, even murders... when a certain spider doesn't tangle his webs.

Here's The Batman. Went for a simple, realistic approach: lots of body-armour and compartments. The cape and the mask covering his face completely hopefully make him seem even more inhuman.

And here's his arch-nemesis, the Joker. totally inspired by the Burton/Nicholson Joker with this one, I see his origin being a kind of mix between The Killing Joke and the Jack Napier one. Stand-up comedian gets embroiled with the mob and ends up disfigured after falling in a vat of chemicals. I figured his skin may be bleached and his lips blood red, but any hair would be as good as gone. With the green gone, I removed all other colour and went with a pagliaccio/pulcinella black and white costume.

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