Monday, 8 August 2011

Project: Rooftop Webhead 2.0 Spider-man redesign

As the deadline has been extended, thought I'd try again. Wasn't all that happy with the first redesign... hopefully the guys over at P:R won't think I'm trying to cheat or anything. Anyway, here it is, redesign mach 2 :)

For this design I felt like sticking to as realistic an approach as I could, building a costume out of garments and accessories that I think an inventive high-school student like Peter could afford to buy/make. It basically consists of a hooded track-suit, elbow/knee-pads, adapted goggles, belt and climbing shoes. The spider emblem on the chest is made up of the tightening cords of the hoodie, extended and knotted to make up the legs.

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