Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Look out! Here comes...

Here's an original character, for a change, The Flying Fox (or Free-falling Fox/Freedom Fox).
Chester Charles Mallory starred in several action films in the years preceding the second world war.
A successful stunt-man, Chester Charles was handsome, charming, arrogant, obnoxious and vain. Often blending his on-screen persona with his real life affairs, Chester Charles thought himself as invincible as the fire-proof motorbike riders and super-strong action heroes he portrayed on screen. Half-way through the shooting of the swashbuckling adaptation of a popular comic book character, America entered the war. British-born with Spanish and Welsh lineage, Charles was eager to join in, not out of patriotism, but motivated solely by the pure desire to show off. His sparkling smile and clever winks could only get him so far, and the army (although desperate for manpower) refused his application.
His pride wounded, Chester Charles did something amazingly stupid. Donning his movie costume, he smuggled himself into an army base and onto a plane bound for Europe. If he couldn't show the world how brave and smashing was as Chester Charles Mallory, he would do so in the guise of The Flying Fox, the comic books' crimson gliding hero! All too soon, Chester Charles learned his limits... much to his chagrin. He's the sorry parody of Captain America, a thoroughly idiotic and cowardly blowhard, thrust into the chaos of war and surviving by the skin of his teeth.

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