Saturday, 13 August 2011

Another redesign: The Goblin & Green Goblin's Last Stand

Here's my Goblin redesign. After numerous failed attempts at designing a realistic/plausible-looking glider or flight/propulsion system I decided to ditch that aspect of Gobby's character, and focus more on his Norman alter-ego. Norman Osborn is a genius, but science is science and a goblin glider like the one in the comics would be kind of impractical. I had a look at his origin story and the one thing I got from Norman's character or raison d'etre is POWER.
My version of Goblin isn't mad, super-strong or kooky. The halloween goblin mask and gloves are a kind of calling card. By day, Norman is a rich and highly connected technology and weapons magnate. By night, he practically runs all organized crime in New York city, and possibly beyond. This was an idea I got from the Spectacular Spider-man series (before it was cancelled :( ) where Goblin took over from Tombstone as main crime king of New York, whilst still flying around and throwing bombs at spidey. This Goblin is not afraid to get his hands dirty, but neither is he above hiring goons in goblin masks to take out his trash. He runs things from afar, perhaps creating the various other masked villains that make up spidey's rogue gallery.

Here are the redesigned characters in the cover for Amazing Spider-Man: Green Goblin's Last Stand!


Mikey said...

I dig these Spidey redesigns you've done. I especially like ol' Norman Osborn here. For some reason, nothing says truly villainous like a bad guy that wears a suit.

TF said...

my thoughts exactly :) thanks for commenting!