Monday, 11 July 2011

Spider-man Webhead 2.0 - Project Rooftop Submission

My Spider-man redesign is also slightly a re-imagining. One thing that always troubled me a bit about Spidey's costume was how very little actual 'spidery-ness' it conveyed. The red and blue combination, the giant eyes... Visually iconic, but not very spidery except for the web motif and obvious spider emblem. I'm also one of those people who prefer the organic webs to the 'high school student who is magically able to invent something which is practically impossible given the resources he'd have' webshooters.
So first of all, I went for a poisonous looking red black and white colour scheme. It's been done, but I still find it fits spidey best. I gave him four-lensed goggles, in an attempt to give him that weird 'four-eyed' spider look. A practical explanation might be that they provide Peter thermal and night-time vision or something.
In the second picture I wanted to show how I think peter's webshooting would work. As spiders produce their webs from their abdomen, I figured that if peter mutated and gained this ability, a web-producing gland would develop somewhere on his back. I turned the back spider-emblem in to a kind of storage unit/backpack for the webbing, with tubes running from it and along his underarms to his wrists. The usual pressure-pad at on the palm of each glove shoots the web, channelling it from the unit on his back.
Finally, the compartments on his waist might contain gas-bombs or flares that might aid spidey in his fight against evil. Standard super-hero stuff.


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