Friday, 24 June 2011

---halfway there---

Hello all,

just a short blog post to let you know that my parents and I have successfully moved all my mountains of useless crap out of my old flat and into my new shared house for next year. Left Southampton officially for the summer yesterday and am now chilling and relaxing in Fleet at my grandmother's with family. In about a week will be travelling through France and then, eventually, will be arriving home by the end of the month.

Will probably write back here, then!


Monday, 13 June 2011


Hello again, everyone.

Yes, still no content. Unfortunately the creative juices have been running a little dry at the moment.
Between exams, bills, flatmate movings and many other things, usable and potentially entertaining ideas for animation have been few and far between.

Every time I have come up with something, potential for it peters out before I can get going. I think I'm on to my fifth attempt now and still no joy.

SoFi was cancelled due to poor organization. I sort of saw that one coming, as after a week of sending in my submissions I had still heard nothing back, and according to the university's student union website, the event had been moved (forwards and backwards) to sunday the 12th of June, 2010! I have recently heard back from someone that the event will hopefully be held properly in the autumn.

I went to do caricatures for money at SHADE (Southampton's Hottest All-Day Event) at my old halls, after last year's success (when I made about 30-something pounds in six hours). Despite it's name, SHADE was cut short by heavy rain. Despite being able to do caricatures for only three and a half hours, I managed to make 16 pounds and 60 pence. Despite being met with enthusiasm and the fact that my drawings were all received well, I'm still disappointed. During the downpour everyone retreated to the halls bar and proceeded to get very drunk. By the time it had stopped, nobody seemed particularly interested in having their portraits done. That and the fact that my table and home-made signs were sopping wet. Had it not rained, I'm sure I could've topped last year's record.

So that's all that's been happening lately. I have also become a bronie (EDIT from 2014: Future-me is currently red with shame. Ugh.) settled on my dissertation topic and developed a headache which I am trying to sleep off.
However, seeing how my last big headache spawned Bedtime, Kevin!, I'm still hopeful.

Over and out,


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Bedtime, Kevin! episodes on

Well, they're finally up!

They've been numbered in the wrong order and some have been grouped together (Magic Poodle Trilogy), but they're there and ready for viewing :)
Feel free to watch them again and again, whilst I work on the next episode.
It'll be done any month no-- I MEAN any day now. Yes.
No you read wrong.

Stop staring at meeeee

Share and enjoy (please)!