Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Back to work

Hello everyone!

Well, April has drawn to a close and we are well into May. The day after tomorrow, I return to Southampton.
I won't whine for ages, like I usually do: suffice to say, I'm not completely looking forward to it. Lately stuff has been happening that makes me feel all the more obligated to stay here with my family. There is one ray of sunshine waiting for me in Soton, however. Maybe it'll turn into a rainbow.

That makes no sense.
Either way, I'll be going back there soon.

Changing subject, thanks to Winston and anyone else who watched the latest animations, either here, on vimeo or youtube.
I feel as if I've settled into a comfortable style now and I'm almost 90% sure this is going to turn into a regular series.
This has lead me to go into a panic over what the series should be called.
Over fifty possible titles so far. Nowhere near a decision.

(EDIT: The series is going to be called 'Bedtime, Kevin!' > see badge link on the sidebar)

Not much else to add other than thanks, and I'll see you on the other side of the Channel.
Well, technically, there's also France in the middle, before that.
Sorry, France.


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