Saturday, 7 May 2011

Back to work - part 2

So yay verily, I'm back in Southampton.

The weather is as undecided as ever, ranging from summer heat wave to tropical thunder storm.
Almost all of my written coursework is done and soon I shall be able to make a new animation.
Judging by the lack of comments here lately, I gather that some new content may be more than a little welcome.

to anyone who follows, stalks or haphazardly stumbles onto this blog, please tell your friends and co-workers and robot slaves all about BEDTIME, KEVIN! (the name of the animated series what I've been doing).
I would really appreciate it, as I'd love to get the viewership a tad higher by the time the new episode is ready.
It has hamsters and seventies grooviness!

Thank you and good night!

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