Saturday, 9 April 2011

Spoon River Rejects wins an award

I'm seriously very excited.

I am at this very moment, watching the live stream of the NaSTA student tv awards and as of five minutes ago, have learned that my animation for 'Spoon River Rejects' got a 'Highly Commended' Award!

I feel fantastic, and so should Celia... and maybe even
But mostly me and Celia :P

I go to sleep a very happy chappy.


Ashlyn said...

Woah, congrats! Well deserved, you two :)

WR said...

See, i told you you were Good! Deserved it for the Nuclear Cat alone. Just watched the video again, and it's definitely Award-Winning. And now you've got that status locked up for any future mention in the press! "Dec. 18th, 2067: AWARD-WINNING ANIMATOR THOMAS FUMMO IS PRESUMED DEAD AFTER HIS HYPNO-POD COLLIDED WITH A PASSING PTERANODON DURING THIS MORNING'S FRENZIED ASSAULT IN THE EFFORT TO RETAKE ST. LOUIS FROM THE SOLAR INVADERS ETC."

Erm, yeah, so that's, uh, my way of saying Congrats! Sorry, i don't do Normal...

TF said...

Thanks you so much, guys!

Unfortunately my name or the animation's title were not even mentioned and the award was simply given to 'SUSU' in general. Either way, I've written it down everywhere so that when people see it they know it was it was my/our work. And I guess if it means more publicity for there's nothing wrong with that :-)

Here's hoping that I get the chance to submit more of my stuff to other festivals/awards soon :-)

dbackdad said...

That is awesome! Congrats.