Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Animation: A Minstrel Remembers

The student, lost within pages of secular scripture, builds small paper boats and sails to America in them. He is met by smiling terrorist armadillos who shower him with gifts of nitroglycerin and nails. Wounded but unbeaten, he soon realizes that he has but simply fallen asleep at the library again, and doodles this absurd kinematographic picture unto a napkin.


WR said...

Man, how do you do all those servo-ish robotic sound effects? Your attention to detail is just Awesome.

TF said...

My dear friend, you give me far too much credit. It's all just stock foley noises from my movie making program, which I modulate in pitch and volume.
I do, however, pay attention to detail that is true :)
Thank you very much, as always.