Friday, 11 March 2011

Animation: The Magic Poodle II

The Magic Poodle II from Thomas Fummo on Vimeo.

Later that day, his headache passed, the disgruntled student consumed disproprtionate amounts of vegetarian pizzas in an attempt to kickstart a delicious pizza-fueled psychotropic episode. His eyes fell out of his head and he left the tap on. As a result, here is part two of Magic Poodle.


WR said...

Eleven thumbs up for this one. Hilarious!!

"Even better than the first one!"
--Le Monde

"A triumph!"
--The Guardian

"Takes you by the belt loop and doesn't let go for 90 minutes (despite being like two minues long)!!"
--The Village Voice

"If i was alive, i would have loved this!"
--Marlon Brando

TF said...

Marry Me, Winston.

Dawn Clarkson said...

I'm sorry to hear that this all began with a headache... however I think I'll start consuming vegeterian pizzas as soon as possible! Great (both of them) I like the flashing sunray background behind Giant Star Octopus.
Love xx

TF said...

Thank you and yes, Veggie Pizzas are the best :)

Have begun work on chapter 3...

Ashlyn said...

I am so glad that there's a part three coming, because these are awesome!