Thursday, 24 February 2011


Here is my fourth attempt at drawing the generic 'space academy' where both the main protagonists are students, as well using watercolours for the sky. I think it turned out pretty well (considering how bad the first three attempts came out).
I'm thinking that this is going to be the style for the animation: black and white etching-style for all the objects and characters, whereas the sky/space/nature scenes will be in watercolours. Should give it a nice minimalist look, but with a splash of colour, like I did with the Cactus.
Let me know what you think: am I doing it right, am I crazy, the usual stuff :-)



The Complicated said...

Those are some beautiful clouds, especially the one to the left. I mean, the rest of it is great but that cloud, damn, I just really dig it for some reason

WR said...

Yeah, Is Good. I like the black & white with color highlights, it'll give your stuff a recognizable look, which is great. One glance and you know it's a Fummo. OR ONE OF HIS IMITATORS!!

Dawn Clarkson said...

Hi, very nice... I know how difficult watercolourin' can be! Is there a bit of coloured penicl colourin' going on there too? Keep up the good work.

TF said...

Thanks, guys :-)

yes, I'm only using pencil watercolours... for shaaaame!
I feel dirty.

More fluffy pretty clouds coming soon :-)

Dawn Clarkson said...

Looking forward to "more fluffy pretty clouds"... (pencil water colours are great just the same and still difficult to use).
P.S. I'm missing Lucia?

Ashlyn said...

I like this a ton!! One thing you might want to try with pencil watercolors is just drawing out a square and using that as your watercolor pan... it's a bit easier to get even washes. your bgs are great, i love the line work!

Melissa said...

Very gewd use of watercolors and ink work. I like the fluffiness violet of the clouds. Reminds me of illustrations from children's books.