Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Some sort of journal thing #44 - Lucia sketches and storyboard

Here are some faint, messy and quite frankly not-very-interesting production sketches I did for my upcoming animation project, Lucia. So far I'm at 1 whole minute! Ye Gads!
Anyway, enjoy and click to enlarge:

Spoon River Rejects is now officially up on SUSU.tv!


CyberKitten said...

Well, I for one am intrigued and looking forward to the finished product!

TF said...

Thank you, sir :-) I hope you will enjoy it.

Dawn Clarkson said...

What do you mean "messy and quite frankly not very interesting" they are wonderful!!!! I can't wait to see more.
P.S. I have tried to e-mail you but they keep coming back, if you still have my mail please write me I need to send you something. Ta

Dawn Clarkson said...

Me again, forgot to say I like the "click to enlarge" trick, you must explain to me how to do it.