Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Animation: Spoon River Rejects

Spoon River Rejects from Thomas Fummo on Vimeo.

There it is, alright?
It's particularly low-budget... but a b-movie every now and again is good for the stomach, yes?
Hopefully it should be premiering on SUSU.tv soon enough.
Thank you once again to Celia, and a toast to many more future productions together.
Enjoy :-)



ckatmyla said...

Yay, it's finished! ^^ Sorry about all the problems on my end, but hope it turned out how you wanted it. Feel free to use all those titles. Hope I gave you enough.

I think it turned out well, hope others like it too.

WR said...

Ha, the secret weapon was awesome. I love it when things explode for No Reason... Anyway, this was great! I wanted it to be a lot longer (because it was good and because More would have benefited the "random shit" structure of it), but obviously this kind of thing is a lot of work, so that's not a criticism, more a Good Sign. No bad movie can be too short, no good movie can be too long etc. Great job, anyway. I've probably said it before ten times, but your chief strength is that you have your own style, your own voice, and that makes a huge difference to the point where it makes any mistakes kind of negligible. All you should worry about is kind of refining the Already Great Thing you've got going on. Artistically, you've pretty much found a voice, is what i mean, and some people never find their voice, or any voice, so good on yer, that's half the battle right there.

As to refinements, i hate to offer critiques of something that a) can't easily be edited, nor needs to be in this case, and b) is disproportionately the work of only one person (i mean it's all well and good to say that, oh, more elements should be animated or something, but you're just one guy, and you're doing perfectly fine in proportion your budget/resources, and that's the most important factor here) plus there's nothing in there that's glaring or fatal (well, the wile e coyote joke was maybe too subtle, it could have used a "here lies a super genius" or something). The pacing i guess is a little slow in places (maybe not fundamentally so, just by contemporary standards, so that's a subjective criticism at best), so, as they say in acting school, you might Take Out The Pauses. That is, edit out just a few seconds or half-seconds of Nothing here and there (like when it first goes to close up of the ape-girl) and it'll feel a lot tighter. For future projects, i mean. Also, the mushroom picker's voice was slightly too similar to the narration voice that immediately came before it, so just another minor thing to keep in mind for projects down the road. This is all just minor stuff though, the tightening of screws, the polishing of surfaces etc.

So: congrats, it's a nice little piece! All the hard stuff you got right. The big, important fundamentals that you can't learn in school are just spot on: character designs, for example. And i love the kind of sepia tone of it. And i've already said that your use of sound is Great, so i don't need to repeat that again, but rest assured it was again Great.

Ha, and that secret weapon really was hilarious. Perfect ending. A curt nod of recognition to you, sir. Take pride in a job well done, and another step climbed on the way up to something Even Better.

TF said...

To both of you:

you're awesome and wonderful and very kind.

Thank you Celia for you splendid work and thank you Winston for all your comments (I share all your observations about pacing/pauses etc: they were the main reason why I kept bashing the work :p). I would've used the 'suuuuper geniuuuuss' gag, but so few people know of that episode in which he talks, that I thought it was going to be even more subtle... I don't know. The point is that it's funny, I hope :-)

It'll be on SUSU.tv tomorrow, so hopefully the population of Southampton Uni will like it just as much as you two :-)
Thank you both very much, once again.

Oliver said...

Thomas, its finished!
Brilliant stuff, didnt realise you had gotten so much done. My favourite animation of yours so far, very funny and excellent animation. Simply, as they say, superb.


WR said...

Hey, are those shirts for sale yet by the way?? WANT.

Mr. Popular said...

You win. Forever.