Saturday, 23 October 2010

Some sort of journal thing #36 / A whole two decades.

That's how long I've been on this planet.

But then again who knows. I might have been a martian in a previous life.
I probably enjoyed riding those tripods. My tripod was probably the coolest on the block. I bet all the martian girls would wave their tentacles at me and say that I was the keenest martian kid they'd ever seen.
Good times.

Anyway, here I am. Officially twenty.
I'm sure the enormity of it will sink in at some point.




CyberKitten said...

A *very* happy birthday Tom. Go out and get drunk. You have a weekend to recover in... [grin]

TF said...

Aah, you *know* I don't drink that evil head-poison.
What is it with you english and your booze. Oh well.
I will be eating a huge pizza, hopefully :-P That's my drug... and at least I can still walk in a straight line afterwards :-D

The Complicated said...

Holy snapsicles! To celebrate this, here's 20 traditional birthday greetings from around the multiverse: Hearty borndate (Earth-10), Happening becomingtime (Earth-23), Hopping bobbingdap (Earth-90), Hairy beginningdawn (Eearth-H), Hella cooltimes (Earth-Z9), Womb-escape celebrations (Earth-19qo), Glad hatchingevent (Earth-Dinosaur), Häppi börthdæ (Earth-Ümlaut), Yadhtrib yppah (Earth-Htrae), Whose birthday is it? (Earth-Secret), ... (Earth-No earth), Haunting birthday (Earth-Everybody are friendly ghosts), Aaaaargh! Aaaaaaaahhh! (Earth-Everybody are scary ghosts), Happy bir... (Earth-Sucks at finishing things), Hello (Earth-No birthdays), Holy Batdroppings! (Earth-Too many bats everywhere), Sad dienight (Earth-Antimatter), Annual Manefacturingdate (Earth-Robot), "Harpy Birddames!" (Earth-Ruled by man-eating harpies) and Happy Birthday (Earth-1)

TF said...


*tears up*

That's so sweet :-)
Thank you so much.

Mikey said...

Happy Birthday, man. Try to have some fun out there. Maybe get wacky with one of those Martian girls.

Dawn Clarkson said...

Happy Bday Tom... don't worry about it, look at me I'm officially ****************