Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Some sort of journal thing #26 - t-shirt design

Great Scott, my eyes!

Seriously though, I'm quite happy with how it turned out.
Carry on.


Mikey said...

Niiicely done. I likes. I designed a shirt back in the day, as well. Good job!

And it also takes a real man to rock a shirt of that particular color, I'm thinking...

WR said...

Yeah, nice one! I've always thought that like 90% of the stuff you draw would make great t-shirt designs, and it looks like it's true.

TF said...

Mikey: Thanks, man. I heard somewhere (think it was the quiz show QI with Stephen Fry) that pink originally was the colour used for boys and blue for girls, but somehow the roles were inverted at some point in history. Weird. Anyway, I couldn't think of any other colour more suited for a cute little laser-tommy-gun wielding clockwork angel drone of death.

WR: I still have to get round to the sk8rbomb/fanculo t-shirt, but I might be doing another one featuring the crazy bird from the Quiet Please animation.

thanks to both of you for your comments!

Dawn Clarkson said...

I can't believe my I eyes... can you remember I said I liked the angels best.
I want one PLEASE, are you selling them, how much do they cost?
... and its PINK, I begin to think you designed it especially for Meeeee.

Sea-of-Green said...

I agree -- I want that shirt, too! Well done, Tom! :-D

TF said...

Ladies, ladies calm down!
I guess I could post the picture I used for the t-shirt here for you to use.
I used special print and iron-on paper, but you gals could use whatever technique works best for you.
Glad the shirt's gone down so well :-)