Thursday, 19 August 2010

Animation: Tapirobot!

Tapirobot! from Thomas Fummo on Vimeo.

Here it is. The fruit of months of labour.
For some reason there are certain scenes where the image freezes awkwardly for apparently no reason other than to annoy me. I'm going to try and fix this as soon as possible, but seeing as I've already tried to at least five times today with no success I'm going to leave it as it is for now and try again tomorrow. I'll post an update when/if I've fixed it.
For now, enjoy the substandard version.

UPDATE: the video above has been fixed of glitches. Enjoy for real this time [big time happy grin]



WR said...

GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!! (totally my favorite part)

Ha, so awesome, i smiled all the way through it for sure. And yeah it's hilarious and the animation is awesome (especially when he "suits up"), no worries there, but what i'm Super Extra Impressed with is the sound design, 'cause it's really top notch. The sound effects are just absolutely Perfect all the way through, and that makes such a huge difference in animation, so good on yer for obviously putting so much work into this. Wicked use of sound, it bears repeating (the machine gun sound? Amazing.). Oh, and the butterfly at the end was awesome. So how long did this take? And what program(s) were used? I know little of the procedures involved with this "ani-mation."

Oh, and don't worry, i noticed the theme song at the end, and that was also Perfect, maybe even the highlight of the whole thing. Just super well done. Color me Very Impressed Indeed. Hats off to you, sir, and your not-exactly-tapir, not-exactly-robot.


Thomas said...

Thank you Mr. Rowntree! I'm obviously really glad you enjoyed it so much.
But I digress.

Seriously, thank you. I forget exactly how long it is since I've been doing this one, but I'm quite sure it's in the order of months... probably about the same amount of time it took for Cactus.
Basically it just involves doing load of pictures. I use an empty picture frame with two LED lights under it so that it illuminates the glass pane from underneath, thus facilitating the tracing involved, as every picture has to be in the same position with only slight changes. Then I scanned them all onto my laptop, photoshopped 'em and used iMovie (macintosh video editing programme) to edit them into a fluid animation. The fade outs and other visual effects are from iMovie and most of the sound files as well (except the really advanced stuff like the machine gun and laser sounds, that came from various royalty free effects sites).
And there you have it.

Thank you again, hope this answers your questions :-)


WR said...

Ah yes, the homemade lightbox, i've used one of those in the past. So how many pictures did you end up with in total for this project? Like just a huge stack? A REAM?! TEN REAMS?? Good for you for doing animation the Real way, anyhow, as opposed to that ungodly Flash animation you see everywhere (the kind that screams THIS IS FLASH ANIMATION far louder than the actual content). What you have is your drawings, except moving, which is just perfect i reckon. Oh, and i forgot to mention the voices too, those were awesome, with all the futurey sound effects and such. Tapirobot especially.


Ashlyn said...

Wow, that was really fantastic! I'm going to echo the good sound design too- It's really rare to find good balanced sound in films.
Other than that, really funny storytelling and nice voice acting too, I enjoyed it a ton.

And man, everytime I see your animations, I can't believe you're working with a homemade lightbox and imovie. CRAZY! you're super talented.

TF said...

WR: I think it came up to about 400 or 500 pictures in all :-)

Ashlyn: Thank you very much, you're both very kind. I'm going to start doing some proper pencil tests to improve my lip-sync and movement techniques, so I may be asking you for tips at some point :-)

Thanks again!

Oliver said...

Dude, this is a whole new level of awesome. All those frames, I cant even comprehend how long this must have taken you.
Also sick soundtrack and voices, the good animation I was expecting but you also have some serious audio talent.
Looks like you've made a far more productive use of your time this summer than I have :P

Congrats man, this work is definitely something to be very proud of.

Ashlyn said...

Oh yeah, for sure! You can shoot me an email any time. I dunno how much help I can be, but I definitely enjoy lipsync. :) it's looking really rad though!

TF said...

@Oliver: thanks, man. Are you by any chance Olly, from Uni? Cause if you are, Woop! If you're not, Woop anyway!

@Ashlyn: I tried doing some pencil tests, but they just come out awful. Think I'll stick to my usual shakey style for now :-P

Oliver said...

This is indeed Olly from uni, was checking out your blog, lamenting the fact that I couldn't post a complimentary comment. Then I realised I could :P

See you in a month or so when uni starts!

L.Cass said...

Hot damn... that was awesome!

Loved the robotic voice over, the sound effects, and it was funny as.

and the animation... man you have a lot of patience for your craft. Sometimes I don't even have the patience to use the scanner.

Melissa said...

It has been said before and I will say it again, kick-ass sound effects! They fit everything perfectly.
I was also fond of the unexpected action sequences and the song at the end.
Superb job overall