Friday, 15 January 2010


I'm almost certainly sure that some of my regular readers or perusers will have noticed the distinctive lack of drawings on this here blog. To avoid losing your precious precious attention -which let's face, is the only thing keeping this blog and myself afloat- I thought why not give you some idea of what I've been doing? For yes, I have been doing stuff.

1. I've been practising a lot on my animation techniques. I'm working on something that should hopefully prove quite interesting and have a question to which I hope you guys can provide some useful answers: Should I post my upcoming project directly on youtube or keep it here and perhaps contact Drawn! or The Animation Show websites, before putting it up on the tube? I ask this because I know how easy it is for people to steal other people's work and reproduce it as their own on youtube (whilst I agree with Nina Paley that copying is not technically theft, I'd still feel pretty pissed off if somebody copied my animations and said that they made them: I'm not talking about money, just pride in my work). I'm tempted by the potential audience it could get on Youtube, but still... I just thought I'd ask. Please let me know what you think.

2. The Complicated is writing a story. I am going to illustrate the story. I'll probably set up a blog specially for the story, once we accumulate enough pages. So, basically, prepare to have the socks rocked off your feet. Comps is an excellent writer and I hope this kind of project will get him noticed. I would give so much to read a Spider-man comic written by him.

3. It's exam period here at Soton Uni and finally the drunken louts who usually roam the streets and bicycle paths are all tucked away in their cess-pits (rooms) desperately preparing for their tests. Perhaps that's a little cruel... but hey, they do make an awful lot of racket. I too am studying and writing essays, but hopefully in about a week and a half's time I'll be free to finish my big project and get back to some traditional drawing.

Thank you for your kind attention and now... on with the show!


Winston said...

March on, brother. As for posting your stuff online, it's a risk you have to consider for sure. From what i've seen the majority of online plagiarism centres on design and web design, so in terms of animation my instinct is to say "go for it." With most art i think you have to take the risk, but maybe that's just me. I should say i don't know a lot about Drawn! or The Animation Show or any routes like that, so i can only speak in general terms. That's My Two Cents i guess.

Mikey said...

I haven't noticed a whole lot of theft or copying as far as animations are concerned. But who knows? Anything can happen. We are talking about the internetz, after all.

Oh, and I've considered the new name for the bloggy-blog, like you asked. I sort of like the "To Scribble Absent-Mindedly" one. It's got a certain ring to it that I like and it sort of lets the reader know what type of blog it is and what they'll find on said blog. Art! derp. Although I would miss the "Anti-Bullshit..." title. Or maybe you could try a combo, like "Anti-Bullshit Absent Minded Scribbles" or something. Your call. We'll all dig it no matter what you go with.

The Complicated said...

Oh man, I have no idea about the name, it will probably take quite some time before I stop thinking about this as the anti-bull.
But I am excited for our upcoming project together!