Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Guess the band #2!

Ok, the Supertramp one was by far too easy.
Let's see if anyone can guess this one (if you do, I'll add the flashplayer with the band and their eponymous song).
UPDATE: I have also changed my nom-de-plume once again. 'To Fu', being the first two letters  respectivley of my first name and last name, and also having the advantage of being an actual word! Extra bonus: since I am a pescatarian vegetarian, I also eat plenty of it.
That is all.


both said...

King Crimson!

RAB said...

With a bonus point for the quasi-Celtic knotting on the crown of the crimson king, a sign of artistic discipline. ;-)

Mr. Popular said...

The Ballad of Castle-beard, the Usurper?

Thomas Funkmonkey said...

Well done, Both and RAB!

Mr.Popular... you get a million bonus points for coming up with an even better name than the original.

Winston said...

They beat me to it, but i totally knew the answer! I hope you'll do more of these, i love the concept.