Saturday, 29 August 2009

Onehundredth Post Celebration!

Well, I finally got there. 100 posts.
Technically, adding the short stories, it's a bit more than onehundred, but nonetheless. I feel pretty special.
I'd just like to take a moment to thank everyone who has ever followed, commented or plugged.
I honestly didn't think it was going to last this long, but it has. Hopefully it'll go on lasting.
Though I may not be posting drawings and sketches as frequently as I did in the past, due to university and family matters, the dome shall live long and prosper.
Thank you all very much once again.

And so, without further more a do... I give you...



Mr. Popular said...

Apocolypse Pony Centennial!

Randal Graves said...

The four horsemen are really the four ponymen? You won't be expected that, world, will ya? Muahahaha!

Winston said...

it was YOU! YOU MADE THE PONY!! THE BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS!!! Long live the blood, and the Dome, and thanks for 100 good things and future thanks for another 900 or so until your pony offspring consumes us all. Or something. Well done, anyway.

The Complicated said...

Hmmm... I seem to recognize that face, and that guy too... have I met you somewhere before?

Congratulations on the big one-o-o

FoldedSoup said...

Centennial Congratulations!

And I'm looking forward to further adventures of the Apococolt!

TurboSexaphonic said...

... You should wear gloves while holding the pony man, probably disease-riddled.

Utah Savage said...

I've read your wonderful and interesting comments here and there in my travels around the blogosphere. So yesterday I blog rolled you. I'm so glad I did. You are a wonder of the world. Keep it up.

Auntie E said...


Wait. If you're the father, then who's the mother?

That Face! said...

Mr.P: celebrate the destruction!

Graves you swine! Stop teasing the world and play nice.

Winston: thank you very much... the blood is always on my hands.

Comps: maybe... perhaps in front of the huge statue of a large, poorly proportioned but extremely well endowed naked man?

FS: thank you very much!

TurboSexaphonic: you should know :-P hehhehe.

Utah: stop it! you'll give me messiah complex!

AuntieE: exactly!

Elrossiter said...

big congrats man! s'all good. s'all good


Elwood said...

Congratultions on #100!!!!

You rock.

Brian said...

Congrads on getting to the big One Zero Zero.

Dr. Zaius said...

Zombie Pony seems happy about your 100th B.O.A.B.!