Saturday, 13 June 2009

Lazarus Co.


Winston said...

Fuck, man, could you take over the art on my comic?

TF said...

you been sucking the magic mushrooms again? ;-)
seriously though, that's high praise, but I'm afraid I'd have to decline. Your comic is great as it is.
You've got incredible ideas and stories, plus you can draw convincing backgrounds and proportioned bodies.
Most of my ideas fall flat.
And my backgrounds suck. 'Cos I'm lazy.

But yeah, my zombies rock :-P

Elwood said...

Your Zombies *do* rock. This one was great, TF!

The Complicated said...

This is the perfect solution for all my zombie problems!

Brian said...

Nice. Very nice.

L.Cass said...

ooo I can see the monthly comic now!

Awesome stuff!

And as for "Incredible Ideas"... have you ever skipped through your own blog?

There are heaps of ideas that I'm in the process of stealing :P

Sea-of-Green said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Here in Indianapolis, there used to be a high-end department store called Lazarus. I actually worked there once as a clerk -- and it's where I met Mr. Sea! ;-)

We used to wonder why the store was named after a guy who came back from the dead -- especially since the store itself is now, well, DEAD.

TF said...

Thanks everyone!
Comps, I aims to please.
Brian... you have strange tastes :-P
L.Cass, you have just inadvertatntly revealed yourself to be the Rotten Scoundrel.
And Sea... that's all kinds of creepy :-D

Charlotte. said...

And as the literate kids of today say... You've definatley got some talent here. Because although I've never been one for zombies, I think your drawings are very interesting.

- Charlotte. =].

TF said...

Thank you very much, Charlotte!
...zombies are a slightly more aquired taste than tea or coffee, I suppose :-D

Dr. Zaius said...

Do what you want with the body, but save the brain for me.

You have been awarded the fabulous Dardos Award!

susan said...

I'm not sure which I like better between the fly-faced anti-bullshit dude and the zombies.. but the zombies are a bit more lovable, aren't they?